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Being Human Series 3 - Ladies First

As you may have guessed, spoilers abound in this post for those who have not been fortunate enough to watch series 3 yet. If you cross this spoiler alert, you do so at your own peril...

**SPOILERS AHEAD!! Tread carefully...**

My lordy-lord, what a series it's been! Let's recap the leading ladies' highlights and medium-lights (as there are no low-lights, obviously) - if only to stem the flow of tears that threaten to overcome me every time I am reminded that tomorrow will be the series finale *whimper*. I will also be posting similar high/medium-lights for our favourite fellas and the fabulous guest stars that have made this series extraordinary :)


I was so very worried for her at the end of series 2, and the Annie Broadcasts both terrified me and brought me to tears. Honestly. We all knew she'd be coming back, and that Mitchell would be the one to rescue her with his lovely handsome vampire-ness, but to me she's actually been in the background a little too much this series. She's lost the effervescence she had in the first couple of series - I could put this down to the fact that she's come out of purgatory, but sadly not much seems to have been discussed or explored amongst the group since her return, and she's really just come off as a bit uninteresting. Her scenes with the oblivious detective Nancy, however, were hilarious...

Also, Mitchell/Annie is just a bit too much for me. In fanfiction maybe, but in the actual show? It actually made me feel fairly uncomfortable; if the producers/writers were trying to make us all feel that it was really quite an awkward situation for the characters then they've hit the nail on the bloody head.

Quote of the series: "When you feel like we're growing apart, let's just go back, back, back...back...back to the start. You've got to..."


Nina was probably my favourite character from the earlier series, if only for her razor-sharp one-liners and her status as a bit of an outsider to the supernatural world. She plays the part of the 'moral compass' well, and brings and sincere note of reality to the character's decisions - for instance, her likening George agreeing that Herrick needed to die to abetting murder showed just how much she still isn't fully immersed in their secretive world, yet she still went to extreme lengths to protect them all by threatening the poor psychiatric nurse.

I think we all know the pregnancy isn't going to work out, which means no wolf babies :(. I reckon she'll survive the stabbing, though I think she'll be a completely different person afterwards...it'll be interesting to see how her encounter with the real Herrick affects not only her attitude to secrecy, but her relationship with George, Annie and Mitchell, as well as how it affects her day-to-day life.

Quote of the series: [to George, whilst fending off vampires with a golf club] "If I wasn't holding this, I would TOTALLY high five you."

In summary - I feel that Annie has taken a back seat this series, whilst Nina's actually been given more to do and allocated a real place in the group, as it were, even though she still comes across as the only one living in the human world, rather than the supernatural equivalent. They're both hilarious and wonderful, but hopefully Annie can get back to her awesome kick-assness she showed so deftly in series 2, or at least reveal what exactly is holding her back...


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