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Seriously. I feel lucky that I actually got chapter two of Endgame finished and posted today, considering the ridiculous day I've had.

Anyway, shameless fic promotion grumbles aside, today has been one of those days I'd prefer to consign to the wastelands of memory. Instead, looking towards the weekend, I have the following to look forward to:

1. Chemistry lessons from my lovely wife. Not for me, but for her (but also to make me feel like I'm actually nearing her intelligence level)
2. LADIES NIGHT TOMORROW! It's going to be amazing, if only for the sheer number of Just Dance fails likely to be involved. I will keep a tally.
3. Gettin' back on the writing bandwagon. Yes, I did fall off and into the dust for a little while, but I finally seem to have caught up with myself and have decided I simply must give myself time for this.

So, in short, this means that the next fic upload is likely to be a while off if I manage to get myself back into working on Asylum Diaries...or it might mean that the new chapter is up sooner than expected when I decide that everything original I've ever written is rubbish. Either way, I guess it gets me back into the swing of things fiction-wise, which is never a bad thing. If anyone out there has ever had an idea, or a thought, that's niggled them for ages, imagine having an entire parallel dystopian universe, filled with characters of your imagination, running around your mind for over four years.
I know I'm weird, but if I wasn't I wouldn't be half as mental interesting. Promise.

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