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The Final Stand

Wow. Jeepers. Holy fricken everything that could possibly be or ever has been holy craps and stuff. akblkgaerligbsdbs.

...these were just some of the thoughts going through my mind as I tried to process the events of the final episode of BH series 3, which I was mostly unable to articulate as I tried to burble words through floods of tears. Okay, it wasn't quite that bad, but I did nearly cry at one point. Honest.

**S3 EPISODE 8 SPOILERS ABOUND! Tread carefully!**

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No Vacancies

One does not normally buy a B&B without actually using it as a B&B...unless you're a vampire, a ghost and two werewolves trying to escape the repercussions of a heinous act by your so-called vampire friend without being aware of what had actually happened. In any case, despite their best efforts to keep themselves to themselves, our favourite outcasts have had a slew of guests this series, human and supernatural, adding some much-needed lightness and not quite so needed pressure to a situation already threatening to boil over.

Without further ado, here are my favourite guest accidental shit-stirrers stars from this series...

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*phew* Only 20 minutes until everything (hopefully!) is revealed! I am both excite and disappoint at the same time, which is slightly confusing. Until later, internets!
" ...only to find out that the vampire killed everyone in the bar last series. Anguish ensues."

The above is pretty much the basest possible way I could sum up this series in a comic-type effect though, honestly, I may be doing it a disservice by taking this approach ;). Instead, let's move onto a very grown-up and balanced retrospective of George and Mitchell's journeys through the madness of series 3. Onwards!

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So, next blog to come before the finale tomorrow will be about the brilliant guest stars/characters we've had this series along with my predictions for the final showdown...I'm so excited I can barely breathe! *deep breaths*

Being Human Series 3 - Ladies First

As you may have guessed, spoilers abound in this post for those who have not been fortunate enough to watch series 3 yet. If you cross this spoiler alert, you do so at your own peril...

**SPOILERS AHEAD!! Tread carefully...**

My lordy-lord, what a series it's been! Let's recap the leading ladies' highlights and medium-lights (as there are no low-lights, obviously) - if only to stem the flow of tears that threaten to overcome me every time I am reminded that tomorrow will be the series finale *whimper*. I will also be posting similar high/medium-lights for our favourite fellas and the fabulous guest stars that have made this series extraordinary :)

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...and we're back!

Oh, world of internets blogging and the bloggers who control it - how I've missed you all! Big hugs to the WHOLE OF THE INTERNETS, get 'em while they're hot. Sort of.

Anyway, please feel free to ignore the mental-ness above and let's start as we mean to go on. Being the terrible, ridiculously negligent person I am, I have only recently realised that we have entered an entire new fricken' decade, and I've written nothing on this blog whatsoever. In short: I'm a very, very bad girl. I'm sorry.

But - and hands up here, please peoples - who likes new beginnings? *raises hand* Because, let's face it, there's so much to talk about already in the land of mostly trivial pop culture which exists in my mind, including (but not limited to)... 

The sheer EPICNESS of Legend of the Seeker (and how I contaminated my wife with the 'geek' disease - because, btw, I've only gone and got bloody MARRIED 3 days after my last post. Yes, my life is that ridiculous and amazeballs...)

Being Human series 3. Oh show, what have you done with the lovely characters?!

Lady Gaga's machine gun problem 'down there' - she really needs to see someone about that.

Lost Girl - because Bo puts the 'Bisexual' in 'Bisexual Succubus'...

And, naturally, my general life and random wanderings of thoughts and stuff, for which I will also probably setup a Twitter feed - I mean, why not? All that could happen is my account get hacked...again. *sigh*

So, in short, I solemnly swear to pay more attention to my lovely online LJ space, and spend even more time on teh interwebz; life is short, and the internet is long, so if you add the two together you get a greater life expectancy. At least that's my theory, anyhoo. Also, shameless fic promotion here, but if you liked my first Blood Ties fic Winner Takes All and want to know what happens next, head on over to Twice Bitten and take a look at Endgame, the sequel - bear in mind also that any and all reviews left with constructive or complimentary feedback automatically qualify you for a lifetime's supply of hugs. Just something to think about ;)

Night all x

Edit: new Twitter account is up and running! Take a walk to the land of rozzlemcfrozzle, if you wish. Fo shiz.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about the ‘Qur’an burning’ proposed by Pastor Terry Jones in Florida. At the risk of affording this fringe group of idiotic morons further publicity, I thought I’d offer my perspective to the internets ;)

First of all, this whole stunt is clearly the rather stupid display of anger and ignorance by those who hold the whole Muslim faith responsible for the tragic attacks of 9/11. It is a ridiculous and insensitive thing to do.

However, that being said, the interference of the White House and governments from other countries worries me a fair bit. As repugnant and ignorant as the proposed act may be, who are the political leaders from far flung countries such as Indonesia and Afghanistan to interfere with the civil rights of American citizens?

This is the thing that puzzles me most about sensitivity to Islam. I for one am not an ‘Islamophobe’ – far from it, in fact; I’m not against any particular religion, though I don’t agree with the general idea of organised religion itself. What I find peculiar about Islam is the general outrage that Muslims display when faced with practically any contradiction of their faith, ideals or beliefs, something that was parodied rather hilariously on the South Park episode ‘200’ (season 14, episode 5) which made many references to the fact that Mohammed is pretty much ‘immune to ridicule’.

Religions, as other social institutions, should be openly questioned just like anything else in society; Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism etc are all questioned on a regular basis, and it’s not often you see whole countries with an overall majority of one particular faith interfering in such small-scale matters. Yet, when any group of people, no matter how small, decide to show intentional disrespect to Islam, the whole world seems to get swept up in it, causing large-scale violence and anger which completely outgrows the original issue.

It reminds me of the incident in Denmark with the now infamous cartoon depiction of Mohammed published in Jyllands-Posten back in September 2005; though it took a few months for the wider world to actually get wind of it, it wasn’t too long before what looked like Islam as a whole kicked off about it. I remember watching the news and seeing leagues of protesters, some burning effigies and wielding placards, and hearing about the many death threats the poor cartoonist received. I don’t know what was said on the cartoons themselves (as, sadly, I don’t speak Danish…) but the point is, no matter how ‘offensive’ it was, did it really justify such a strong, hateful and, dare I say, violent reaction? I’m sure I’ve seen many a hilarious depiction of the Christian god, of Jews and Buddhists, but I’ve never personally seen an outcry from any member of these faiths to the extent of the Muslim protesters in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Indonesia.

Also, look at the outcry that occurred when Salman Rushdie published 'The Satanic Verses' – the threat to his life, even back before Islamic extremists made the news practically every day, was so severe after a fatwa was issued against him that he was placed under Police protection by the UK government. There were riots in Pakistan about it and, even here in the UK, several book burnings took place denouncing it as blasphemous.

When Philip Pullman published his popular 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, which directly contradicts many Christian beliefs and could definitely be categorised as blasphemous, I don't recall entirely Christian/Catholic nations, e.g. many Latin American countries, Spain, Ireland etc holding violent rallies and issuing death threats because of it.

I am not trying to say that typically Western religions such as Christianity and Judaism are more 'civilised', nor am I trying to insinuate that Islam is a lesser religion than any other, or that all Muslims are obsessed with the idea of blasphemy and issue death threats on an hourly basis; what I am saying is that all religions should be open to questioning, whether that be considered blasphemy by that religion's followers or not. Everything in life is open to parody and ridicule, though I appreciate the line between comedy and insensitivity is often easily crossed. I don't personally believe that the burning of the Qur’an is correct, and it's not something I'd do myself, but I would never deny someone the right to do it, just as I would never deny the rights of racist bigots to disclose their views either, though I definitely do not agree with them.

For once, it appears I agree with Sarah Palin, as quoted in The Guardian:

"People have a constitutional right to burn a Qur'an if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation...”

Though, in typical silly Republican fashion, she goes and ruins an unusually intelligent and reasonable comment with:

...much like building a mosque at Ground Zero.”

Is she aware that this is not actually happening? *sigh*


  ...the latest LotS episode I've just finished watching (2x16, "Desecrated") has pretty much made my subtext-y dreams ALMOST come true. DAMN YOU, ABC/Disney!! Hence, my latest userpic:

Holy subtext, Batman!

Those two are SRS BIZNESS. I am so starting a Kahra fic soon; I just can't help myself.

In other news, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the next True Blood episode - the very thought of it lets an uncontrollable 'squee' like noise out of my mouth. Observe:


It pisses me off that I can't actually watch it online until tomorrow, unless I stay up until 4am to wait for it to be uploaded. *considers*. With how stupidly overexcited I am, that may actually happen.

Moving onto further randomness, this week I 'ave mostly been trying to get the hang of Twitter. I sort of get it, but am sort of bored by it already; in truth, I am still struggling to see the appeal of the ol' Tweetermachinez but will try and stick with it anyway for the purposes of being down with the kids research into modern internetz phenomena...

...I'm sure I'll be back with a more 'interesting' post next week ;) Now, time to re-watch last week's True Blood (which was made entirely of WIN).


OMG...the stalkers are on teh interwebz O_o

 OMG HAI INTERNETZ!!!1!! It's been a while...

So, in between working insanely hard on the next chapter of Winner Takes All, watching gratuitous amounts of Tibette/The L Word generally and being incredibly distracted by the awesomeness that is Kahlan/Cara subtext in Legend of the Seeker, I stumbled across something that actually made me feel quite gross and...well, just generally 'ew'.

Real Person Fanfiction. I mean, come on...SRSLY?? Real person fic is just WRONG.

There are all kinds of 'fandoms' (would you call it a fandom??) for this, and it all just seems really weird and stalker-ish. It's kind of like these people are not seeing the line between fantasy/fiction and reality, which is freaky in itself, but I know sometimes people get a little obsessed with fanfic in general which begs the natural question - what's the difference?

I personally write fanfic to continue a story, or to put a different slant on the story given according to whichever fandom. I think it's important to recognise the fact that fanfic should be about fictional characters and not about the people who play them. No matter how famous the actor is, they're still regular people, not a character to be woven into some escapist, fantasy-riddled story. At the same time, the media today is obsessed, as we all know, with telling the stories of whichever celebrities it can snoop on - is this helping to shape a (slowly) growing community of Real Person ficcers? Essentially, the tabloids themselves provide an ongoing, third person narrative into these people's lives, effectively allowing them to ascend from the realms of reality to unattainable, heavenly fantasy wherein your favourite TV/movie/fiction characters reside.

...I still find it gross though. Now, to assuage my disgustment, I shall enjoy the following Kahra shot (by awesome 'Gay for Kahlan' inventor deej  - I think I may be twice as gay for Kahlan...) more than I probably should:

HAWT. If only we had a third season to make our lesbionic dreams come true :( I think I may have to pen my own Kahra fic in the meantime...watch this space!!

P.S. I have lost the hash key on this stupid tiny iMac keyboard. FAIL.

Edit: Ahahahaaa!! #### - I found you, you little bastard!! Why did Apple decide to put this as Alt+3?? *sigh* Oh, and in other news - I have Twitter! Follow me for some rambling randomness - madascheese :)

An Uncertain Future

Evening, interwebz :)

I'm writing today as I watch the BBC live election coverage (having watched Channel 4's excellent Alternative Election Night earlier on - my stomach hurts from all the lolz) and I wonder, having cast my vote for the first time, just what the UK can expect for the future.

I'm proud to say that I voted for the Liberal Democrats, this vote being mostly based on the issues he tackled during the live TV debates as well as a look at their manifesto; it's a vote I truly believe in, as I feel they are the best possible people that should lead this country, though I am forced to accept that they are unlikely to be in a situation where they have a proper say in Parliament.

It's looking uncertain as far as the Exit polls are concerned - the couple of polls I've seen point to a hung Parliament, with Labour losing many seats that the Tories would gain, and a predicted (and surprising) reduction in seats for the Lib Dems also. I feel slightly duped by 'Clegg-mania', the term bandied about the media with a mixture of excited and agitated expressions from the news anchors, as a hung Parliament is still likely to produce a more blue than red/yellow government.

I'm wary of both Labour and Conservative governments for various reasons, and I'm not too keen on the idea of a hung Parliament as no party leader has really discussed what they would do in this situation, despite the likelihood of this outcome, but I'd much rather see a Labour majority than a Tory one. I fear that, given David Cameron's ideas of cuts in public services, that many more people could lose their jobs during a time of very high unemployment, and I feel that this would simply be history repeating itself - I fear a nation where the divide between the very rich and the very poor becomes even greater, where the government looks after it's beneficiaries rather than the people that need the most support; a nation reliving the late 1980s and the 1990s, where austerity was a state of mind rather than a temporary 'tightening of belts'.

A Labour government seems like a sideways step, as opposed to stepping backwards with the Tories and forwards with the Lib Dems; frankly, I'm sick to death of the last 13 years of indecision, side-stepping over important issues and illegal international interference that Blair and Brown have brought us. There are good things that Labour have done for this country though, such as their fantastic support of civil partnerships, their Sure Start scheme for young children and their fantastic decisions during the economic crisis - I very much doubt, if we had a Tory government through this recession, that we'd be seeing growth this soon in; it's well worth pointing out that financial analysts are predicting the UK to have the biggest and fastest growth, post-recession, in the EU, and I really think that Gordon Brown is the one that has led the country through this tough time.

However, whilst we wouldn't have got where we are today without the guidance of Labour, it's time to move on. They're out of step with common opinion, and people are sick of the avoidance, the ignorance and general political scumbaggery associated with MPs from the Tories as well as Labour; the only real progressive party, the people willing to make life and society in general fairer to ordinary people like you and me, are the Lib Dems - it's just a shame so many people will be voting tactically, as I feel our country's underdogs will never really have a proper say as long as everyone sticks to the old politics.

We'll see what happens, of course, and I'll be up all night watching the good ol' Beeb as the results come in. No matter what happens, it's bound to be an interesting outcome...

Somewhere between Gaga and Nigella...

 ...that actually sounds like a lesbian sandwich, but believe me that wasn't the intention ;)

I was having a bit of a gander at the Channel 4 Food site today, looking at a few of Nigella's recipes and found myself blown away by the heart-warming home cooking at the centre of all her food, which I think may be slightly under the radar today, something that also kind of occurred to me whilst watching the excellent Masterchef final last night.

Masterchef is a wonderful programme full of inspirational cooking and superb talent, but these days I find it inherently modern, possibly a little to its detriment. Maybe I'm just not in tune with the whole 'food is art' concept, but some of the things that were being prepared in the three Michelin star kitchens the finalists were working in seemed almost too modern - as if the heart had been ripped out right out of the meal in favour of clean-cut, precise efficiency. It all looked fantastic, don't get me wrong, and I'm sure that it tasted like the food of the angels, but there's something about a small square tower of food that just seems a little manufactured.

This is where the Gaga reference comes in, I suppose. It got my rambling thoughts along a weaving path as I was thinking about modern culture, and how everything in life these days - be it computers, video games, architecture, music etc - is all very streamlined, quite bright and almost fluorescent in many ways, with everything at the moment seeming to be about clean lines and pristine presentation. In music, I feel that Lady Gaga pretty much embodies this; her albums are pure pop artistry, and they sound like they have been meticulously written, performed and produced with the kind of precision you would see in haute cuisine, if you can see the translation between music and food. I love Lady Gaga to the death and, as I'm sure I've mentioned before in previous blogs, I feel as if she can do no wrong; the interesting thing I find about her music is that her songs appear to me as perfect little cubes of intense pop flavours, summing up the modern world in three and a half minutes - if that's not modern efficiency, I'm not sure what is ;).

Masterchef, as well as all these ruminations on modern culture, seem to have reignited a small part of me that loves to cook, and I always cook what I love to eat - mainly hearty, rich, unhealthy affairs that evoke real spirit in the kitchen, which is where the wonderful Nigella Lawson comes in. I've always admired her 'Domestic Goddess' (my domestic goddess seems to be hiding away somewhere) which really epitomises the real, home cooking I strive to achieve in my own dishes. I wasn't exactly brought up with a domestic goddess in my family, but the whole concept does remind me of a trip to Italy I went on when I was about eleven (all those years ago!!) where I stayed with an Italian family; their food was absolutely out of this world. Sadly I can't remember the name of the household matriarch, so I'll refer to her as 'Mother' ;) - every meal was prepared using fresh ingredients, cooked from scratch with the type of love you could taste in the cooking itself. There was pasta (of course), meats, sauces, soups - all of it cooked with expert care and traditional know-how, and I haven't tasted Italian food as good as that since. 'Mother' was a really lovely woman, really welcoming, friendly and warm (even though she didn't speak a word of English and my Italian was sketchy, to say the least), and she is pretty much what made that trip so memorable for me, even all these years later.

So, whilst modern culture holds excitement and, admittedly, looks fantastic most of the time, sometimes you just can't beat the warm, often slightly wobbly reminders of old-fashioned cultures preceding us, and hopefully these long-lived and loved practices of the old world will never be forgotten.

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